3D As-built

3D As Built BIM

QS TECH specializes in BIM Services with high accuracy 3D modeling. We combine cutting edge technology and efficient technical skills and produce effective results. Our talented team is composed of qualified professionals whose brilliant technical know-how led the successful completion of the undertaken project. We have extensive experience in a different area of industry such as residential, commercial, industrial, public welfare, retail, and institutional. We aim to be a leader in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction domain by delivering comprehensive designing solutions.

As-Built BIM Model is mainly utilized to check if the structure needs renovations or not. The inaccuracy and lack of comprehension in data are solved by As-Built BIM. The As-Built Model portrays the built stage in each discipline such as StructuralArchitectural, and MEPF. Our high quality As built BIM models captures each and every change that takes place at the time construction phase. We also create an integrated As-Built BIM model by incorporating change and alteration of information.

Architectural As-built Building Modeling

Architectural As-built Building Modeling (ABM) is a service provided by Prime Edge LLC that combines cutting-edge BIM technology and a competent technical skill set to produce accurate working BIM Architectural as-built deliverables for Commercial and Residential structures. BIM Architectural as-builts offer an extended 3D Architectural shell information in addition to traditional CAD as-built deliverables. BIM as-builts generally take longer to produce, but offer a wide range of benefits for designers working in BIM environment. For more information please fill out our on-line quote request.


BIM house model