Our Expertise

QS TECH specializes in providing end to end product development solutions for the ever growing Manufacturing needs within UAE and GCC

 Engineering Solutions and Services

Having a combined Engineering experience of almost 50 years through its dedicated staff, QS has a unique combination of Engineering Solutions and Services that when successfully deployed resolve the critical business issues of its clientele involved in delivering complex and innovative products and/or projects on time and within budget.

Strategic PartnStrategic

The gamut of Solutions and Services offered are through Strategic partnerships with industry leaders
like Metrology, PTC, IronCAD and NCGCam.

The core capabilities of the QS portfolio currently is on executing Reverse Engineering Services using  Focusx330 LS Scanner and a variety of auxiliary software applications like PointSense and Clearedge which has immense application in industries like Construction, Heritage Conservation, Ship Building, Oil and Gas, etc and we have proven record in giving our clients the required quality deliverables on time and within budget.


We also see a big demand for Metrology inspections and in process inspection tasks to be carried out in adherence to strict Quality control regulations and Standards and therefore have developed expertise in Metrology projects to be conducted by  Edge Arm which is an industry leader that has raised the bar in portable measurement. With its built-in touchscreen computer and “SmartArm” technology, the Edge simplifies the user experience with improved performance, portability, and reliability.


QS TECH Services​

QS TECH also prides itself on providing a complete 3D experience for its clients through deployment of cost-effective CAD/CAM Solutions from IronCAD and NCGCam.

We have the capability to implement a complete Product Development Solution (PDS) that will enable an enterprise wide, secured and quick visibility of its manufacturing process to inside as well as outside stake holders increasing growth and profitability.