Product Data Management

Product Data Management

SOLIDWORKS® Data Management solutions offer a range of applications with capabilities for quickly and efficiently managing data files and documentation to maximize productivity and improve product quality.

Data and Product Lifecycle Management in the Cloud
Industry Innovation


SOLIDWORKS® Product Data Management (PDM) solutions help you get your design data under control and substantially improve the way your teams manage and collaborate on product development.


Manage your data files and documentation to maximize productivity and improve product quality. SOLIDWORKS PDM enables your teams to securely store and index design data for fast retrieval, eliminate concerns over version control and data loss, and collaborate on designs in multiple locations.

Which  SOLIDWORKS PDM package is right for you?

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is the ideal data management application for smaller single-site SOLIDWORKS customers with an easy-to- use solution that can be easily upgraded to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional when needs change. SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard utilizes Microsoft® SQL Server Express.


SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional is an all-inclusive application that utilizes Microsoft SQL Server Standard to provide high performance and scalability, and is included along with integrations to various authoring applications, including third-party CAD applications and Microsoft Office.


SOLIDWORKS Manage is an advanced, record-based data management system that extends the global file management and application integrations enabled by SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to include a comprehensive set of capabilities that you can use and distribute to many areas of your business.




SOLIDWORKS® Manage is a unique set of advanced data management tools that leverages the file management capabilities of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and adds powerful project, process and item management capabilities with interactive dashboards and reports.

Why Choose SOLIDWORKS Manage?

SOLIDWORKS Manage is an advanced, record-based data management system that extends the global file management and application integrations enabled by SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to include a comprehensive set of capabilities that you can use and distribute to many areas of your business.

Project Management

Provide critical information to help teams focus on important tasks, and provide an overview of resource capacity for better planning and utilization. Manage project stages, timelines, and milestones along with resource utilization and capacity. Utilize user tasks and timesheets to automatically track progress.   

Process Management

Streamline business processes, automate document creation and bring together all involved stakeholders for new products, from sales and marketing to production and support. Configure states and decision points for all types of business processes such as Engineering Change Requests (ECR), Orders (ECO) and Notices (ECN), transmittals and approvals.

Item Management

Create, edit and compare complete bills of materials (BOM) by associating items, files and free text. Manage product variations for different use cases and applications. Drive SOLIDWORKS drawing bill of materials and item numbers directly from system data.

User Tasks

Provide users with the knowledge they need to work more effectively by utilizing tasks and calendars.

Dashboards and Reports

Create and distribute interactive graphical dashboards to display critical information. Display continually updating dashboards on community monitors. Configure reports to company standards and publish automatically or on demand.

File Management

Manage and control all your product development data. With SOLIDWORKS PDM, you can create and maintain a single data location and vault that can be accessed by users to store and retrieve files. SOLIDWORKS PDM manages all file references and automatically updates them whenever you move a file to a different folder or rename it, eliminating broken references or the time required to locate and fix lost references manually.

Design and Reuse

Quickly locate and reuse existing design data to save time and control costs. You can create a framework for quickly locating and reusing or repurposing existing design data. Instead of spending time trying to find prior designs on shared drives or local workstations—or recreating designs when you can’t find them—you can use SOLIDWORKS PDM tools to locate them quickly.

Revision Management

Track design changes and avoid the errors of manual methods. Track changes and maintain a complete revision history of a design’s evolution.

Secure File Vaulting

Establish a secure file vault to control access to sensitive or proprietary product information. With SOLIDWORKS PDM, you can create and maintain a single data location and vault that can be accessed by users to store and retrieve files. With SOLIDWORKS PDM products, data is kept secure,  up-to-date, and accessible. The system eliminates duplicate work and delays, while saving time and development costs. Easily establish and assign individual and/or group user rights. Graphically represent the product development process through an easy-to-use flowchart interface in SOLIDWORKS PDM products.

Revision Control

Ensure you are always working with the “right version” of a design by using the revision and version control capabilities. Customize file naming and revision control schemes, maintain document history, and easily manage document versions to avoid the costly manufacturing errors associated with working with the wrong revision.

Audit Trail

Maintain a complete history of your product design, engineering, and development activities for reporting and auditing purposes.

eDrawings Preview

View eDrawings®, SOLIDWORKS, and AutoCAD® documents in eDrawings inside SOLIDWORKS PDM.

Engineering Change Management

Reduce the time to complete your design approval and Engineering Change Order (ECO) processes. Graphically represent the product development process through an easy-to-use flowchart interface. Engineering change documentation and change approvals become completely electronic with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.

Bill of Materials Management

Maintain, manipulate, and leverage Bill of Materials (BOM) information to support downstream applications and systems. Create individual BOM objects from existing CAD file structures that automatically update in parallel with the evolution of the CAD model, eliminating the frequent manual updates required when using spreadsheets. Connect your CAD data with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) systems, enabling you to easily update BOM information in other businesses enterprise systems. Use customizable templates to display BOM information in multiple formats or to format BOM information to meet the needs of a user or group.

Regulatory Compliance

Facilitate compliance with government regulatory requirements and industry standards. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional can bolster compliance for several types of regulatory requirements, such as FDA, RoHS, ISO 9001 and 14000, ANSI, and others.

Distributed Collaboration

Collaborate throughout your organization while keeping people connected, current, and working on the same set of data. Create and maintain a single data location and vault that can be accessed by users worldwide to store and retrieve files. Configure the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional system to automatically notify users when documents have progressed through various states or stages in the electronic workflow you establish. Automatically create many types of neutral file formats from SOLIDWORKS and other file types.

Enterprise Scalability

Connect the design data needs of your entire enterprise. Create and maintain a single data location and vault that can be accessed by users worldwide to store and retrieve files. In addition to preserving a secure backup of product design data, secure file vaulting eliminates multiple “silos” of information, duplicate files, and unsynchronized revisions. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional software includes tools that enable you to configure and customize many aspects of your PDM system to match the specific needs of organizations of all sizes.

Advanced Search and Favorites

Save and share search criteria as “favorites”, providing you with instant access to common searches.

Multi-Document Preview

View multiple documents in the Preview window.


Easily connect the design data needs of your entire enterprise, whether for just a few users in a single location or hundreds of contributors working in multiple locations. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional provides one convenient, vaulted location where colleagues can store and retrieve data. Efficient file storage and retrieval enables millions of files to be managed.

Automated Neutral File Creation

Save time and effort communicating by configuring SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to automatically create neutral file formats.

Custom Configuration

Map variables to both predefined properties (such as Title and Author) and custom named properties in SOLIDWORKS files. If a SOLIDWORKS file contains configurations, the configuration names appear as tabs in the datacard. Configuration-specific values are shown in the corresponding tab.

Automated Data Import and Export

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional can import variable values from an XML file into a vault database. In the vault, existing files or items that match import criteria acquire the values at specified points in the file workflow. Create an export rule to export SOLIDWORKS PDM BOM variables that can be read into ERP systems.

Serial Number Generators

Use serial numbers to assign automatic names to files and folders, to assign unique IDs to items, or to add unique running values to card controls. You can set up any number of serial numbers in each vault. Item Number serial numbers are defined by default to generate unique item IDs.

Distributed Design Teams

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional provides the tools and capabilities that your enterprise needs to keep people connected,  up-todate, and working on the same set of data, regardless of location. This global connectivity supports the distributed collaboration that is essential for compressing engineering cycles and accelerating time-to-market.

Remote Access

Enable staff and partners to contribute through web-enabled portals from various connected devices including smartphones and tablets.

Automated Approval Process

Automatically facilitate multiple required approvers with parallel transitions.

Email Notifications

A SOLIDWORKS PDM Notification can be added from the Local Vault so that the logged-in user will receive an email message when a predefined event occurs in a file or folder.

Microsoft Outlook® Integration

Create new records, like Cases, from Microsoft Outlook® emails based on information in the email including attachments.  Copy emails to existing records for reference.

Data and Product Lifecycle Management in the Cloud

Data and Product Lifecycle Management in the Cloud

Connecting all of your organization’s most vital resources – people, software tools and data – in one unified, secure place increases your ability to leverage the power of your teams to design and deliver faster. Solutions from ENOVIAworks enable you to bring all the pieces of your product development process to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform where valuable stakeholders can collaborate on designs more easily to keep projects and people on track.

Access SOLIDWORKS Data from the Cloud

With Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS, you can securely save and access SOLIDWORKS CAD data to/from the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform, enabling you to:

  • Review tasks and open design data on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform without leaving SOLIDWORKS
  • Enable stakeholders to use your design data in the cloud, while you continue to work in SOLIDWORKS desktop
  • Share SOLIDWORKS designs with your ecosystem using web-based technologies, on any device at any time
Accelerate Product Development

Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS enables real-time, safe concurrent designs across distributed teams, allowing you to:

  • Manage product designs and documents directly from SOLIDWORKS desktop while making your CAD data accessible on the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud-based platform.
  • Enable stakeholders to use your design data along with all available business data in the cloud while you continue to work in SOLIDWORKS desktop.
  • Search, explore, and select relevant design contexts from a web browser, and perform lifecycle operations including revise, release and lock/unlock.
  • Enable downstream usage of the vast 3DEXPERIENCE portfolio of applications.
Connect People and Data in One Place

Add the power of collaboration and data sharing on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to your SOLIDWORKS portfolio with Collaborative Business Innovator and inspire unmatched product innovation. With it, you can:

  • Create your own dashboards and communities to review and share the latest product data.
  • Share information with teams in real time just as you would on any social platform.
  • View, annotate, manage and share designs from anywhere, at any time and on any device.
Leverage the Power of your Network with Collaboration Tools

Collaborative Industry Innovator provides engineering teams with essential capabilities for real-time, secure and structured collaboration, and lifecycle management of product data. It allows you to:

  • Manage product designs, multi-physics simulation data and manufacturing process planning information with maximum traceability and flexibility.
  • Manage and assign tasks to team members with a drag-and-drop, card-view tool.
  • Create web-based mark-ups using CAD data for review and analysis.
Streamline Project Management

With Project Planner, you can manage projects and tasks, and automatically optimize activities and resources to ensure your team meets key milestones and delivery dates. With it, you can:

  • Enable teams to plan, execute, and monitor project status in real time.
  • Easily share tasks and define deliverables, dependencies, and key milestones.
  • Empower team members to efficiently collaborate from anywhere, at any time and on any device.
Accelerate Innovation with a Cloud-Based Platform
  • With its growing app portfolio, 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS enables you to manage all facets of your product development process.
  • View, annotate, manage and share designs from anywhere, at any time and on any device.
  • Reduce infrastructure costs, IT overhead, software maintenance, and complexity by using secure cloud technology.





Find and use existing parts, 2D/3D designs, and related product and manufacturing documentation to minimize duplication.

Why Choose EXALEAD OnePart ?

EXALEAD® OnePart is a business discovery application that accelerates reuse of your parts, designs, specifications, standards, test results, and related data for all your engineering and manufacturing needs. Leveraging the proven web semantics, analytics, mashup, and indexing technologies of EXALEAD CloudView™, OnePart locates information from multiple sources and makes it available instantly. EXALEAD OnePart provides your sourcing and standardization intelligence.

3D Shape Search

Search for and discover similarly-shaped parts in your database using EXALEAD OnePart’s 3D shape search and comparison technology.

Metadata Search

Use metadata and tags to find CAD and non-CAD objects in your data vault.

CAD Agnostic

Search for 3D models from multiple CAD systems.

Analytics View

Leverage the deep and multifaceted view of data showing metrics, such as user contribution statistics and part usage across programs.

Multi-source Indexing

Index data from multiple sources, such as file systems, SOLIDWORKS® PDM Professional, ENOVIA® SmarTeam, ENOVIA Designer Central, and other Product Data Management (PDM) systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and databases.

Industry Innovation


Securely store, organize, and manage your content and collaborate in real-time with Industry Innovation on the 3D EXPERIENCE platform.

Manage and Share Content for Effective Collaboration

Distributed team members can share any content in a very simplified way using the 3DSpace app. The app enables users to create and manage collaborative spaces, add members with different access right levels, and provide direct access to any stored content. Access to collaborative spaces is secure, as each user is granted access as a member of a collaborative space with a given role for a given organization.

Collaborate More Effectively with Streamlined Content Access

You can access your data anytime, anywhere from any device. Industry Innovation enables global users to easily access product-content and data through a browser Industry Innovation supports the product development process in any enterprise or in any industry. It provides virtual teams with a robust set of collaborative services to increase the innovation, speed, and effectiveness dramatically of core processes (engineering, design, manufacturing, quality, quality, marketing, etc.

Rapidly Obtain Accurate Design Context

Because assemblies are managed in the “database” and not in “files”, only components selected manually or resulting from intuitive 3D searches are retrieved. An accurate design context is established quickly, Web-based visualization enables fast 3D navigation of an entire product to help quickly establish the right context enabling more time for innovation.

Easily Find and Reuse IP

Metadata and geometry are indexed, enabling users, from any location to quickly find parts meeting their requirements. Users cans search by metadata or use 3D-based intelligent searches from millions of parts in one single repository. Improved reuse reduces costs and improves quality from using proven technology.

Improve Product Quality

As the design is authored by globally dispersed teams, the real-time DMU (Digital Mockup) is accessible to anyone in the enterprise with a very intuitive interface that does not require CAD skills. This enables all non-CAD users to participate in reviews to catch the issues much sooner that can be expensive to resolve later in the cycle, thereby improving product quality and reducing cost

Product Explorer

With Industry Innovation, users can navigate the entire product structure in 3D regardless of size. Users can filter the product structure based on diverse criteria to find the needed parts quickly. The used criteria for filtering can be saved for reuse. Owing to the common data model and data-driven architecture, users can identify dependencies inside one domain and between domains. They can navigate between design components and related items such as other designs, simulations, drawings, manufacturing processes, functional and logical views, etc. Better decision-making occurs when a user can determine the impact of design modifications.

Enjoy Immersive Business Intelligence

Key performance indicators (KPIs) can be highlighted directly on the 3D design model, using the B.I. Essential tool. Various stakeholders can visualize and present information quickly, displaying specific attributes obtained from various 3D EXPERIENCE® apps. Examples include regulatory compliance, failure rate, program risk level, and product lifecycle stage/maturity.


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